The VW Golf I and the R10 Turbo

The VW Golf: the beginning of a long success story and still an absolute icon among tuners and fans. The Golf I, the first version, made the step from Beetle to the Golf. In the U.S., it was initially listed under the official classification "Rabbit" because of its agility.

28 July 2020

Series production of the Golf started at the Wolfsburg plant in 1974, with the model characterized by its circular headlights and indicators integrated into the bumper. The "dwarf" (only 370.5 cm long and 161 cm wide) quickly established itself as a sporty, comfortable car suitable for everyday use. The GTI (the three sacred letters GTI stand for "Gran Turismo Injection") especially was a big hit. Originally a hobby project carried out by the VW engineers on the side, nobody could have guessed that the car would be such a success. The last VW Golf I rolled off the assembly line in 1983.

Our "iconic wheels" from RONAL are the perfect match for this "iconic car". The RONAL R10 Turbo leads the way. Coming in at 15", it is distinguished above all by its distinctive sporty character – and, like the Golf I, by its long history. In the 1980s, RONAL began making modifications to the coveted Racing wheel, which celebrated its debut at the 1000 km race at the Nürburgring, to prepare it for road use. As a one-piece cast aluminum wheel with a low-maintenance bright polished visible side. The addition "Turbo" stands for the radial spokes, which provide especially good brake cooling on the inside of the wheel.

The R10 is also available with the high-quality "polished" surface (ball polished) without lettering, a contemporary model that brings the icon into this millennium.



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