Our winner shows her wheels

Mandy used the occasion of the 50th Essen Motor Show to take part in our sweepstake and its grand prize of a set of rims from RONAL or SPEEDLINE CORSE. We would therefore like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the winner with her vehicle.

08 October 2018

Mandy was hard pressed when it came to selecting rims for her BMW 3 Series since we offer such a large selection!
An avid fan of multi-spoke designs, Mandy ended up going with the SPEEDLINE CORSE SL3 Cesare cross-spoke rim in matt black-fronted finish. The change from 16 to 19 inches has completely revamped the look of her vehicle and supports the statement “clothes make the man – rims make cars!".

Mandy explains her passion for tuning: "Tuning is like fashion for me. Everyone can create their own style and ‘live’ it. Most of all, you develop a stronger connection with your vehicle." Mandy views auto enthusiast Jean Pierre Kraemer as a great role model in the automotive sector, since he shares all things automotive with his supporters each and every day and – despite his success – has remained grounded.
We are happy to see Mandy so pleased with our rims!

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