One race, one goal, one team

From May 10 to 13, the ADAC 24h race took place for the 46th time on the longest track in the world at the Nürburgring. Among close to 150 vehicles that took part in the "Green Hell" were 5 racing cars under the RONAL & SPEEDLINE CORSE flag.

25 May 2018


Just like last year, we are supporting the Schirmer racing team with unitary, forged SPEEDLINE CORSE wheels in various dimensions in Racing Gold, that have been specially developed for the racing track. In total, two black BMW M4, one BMW M2 and one white BMW E92 330i were equipped with the special wheels.

The result was noteworthy: Three of the vehicles achieved the goal. In the SP8T class, the team took second and fourth place (42nd and 52nd, respectively, in the overall ranking). The Pirelli junior team in the BMW E92 330i came second in its first participation in the 24h race in class V5 (overall rating 66th).

The ”RONAL Z4” with the drivers Peter Posavac, Jörg Müller, Rudi Adams and Alex Lambertz aroused much enthusiasm among fans at the Adenauer Raceday and reached the top 30 qualifying with flying colors. Unfortunately, the "Green Hell" adventure ended unexpectedly early: After about 4.5 hours, the “«RONAL Zetti” crashed at the Kesselchen.

More than 150 volunteers from the RONAL GROUP, Team Schirmer, Pirelli and its partners gave a helping hand again, both on and next to the racetrack, in changeable weather conditions - from bright sunshine to rain and fog. Whether in the team tent, in the two-story exhibition pavilion, in the box or at the VIP spot at the Antoniusbuche (beech tree) – smooth teamwork ensured that the days at the Nürburgring were a complete success for the team.

Anyone who did not attend the 24-hour race can also check the on-site events on the RACING LOUNGE social media channels afterwards. Many photos, videos and information on team Schirmer’s cars and various interviews giving an exclusive behind-the-scenes view of the mega-event can be found on, theFacebook- and the Instagram account

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