RONAL R65 – no registration required with ECE type approval

An elegant solution getting you through the winter – this is the motto of the premium 5-spoke wheel from RONAL. Now also available in the registration-free series dimensions for the VW Golf VIII, Seat Leon (KL) and Skoda Octavia (NX).

28 October 2020

Our ECE type approval makes changing wheels a breeze. When the approval is available for a specific vehicle, the new wheel can be mounted quickly and easily. For drivers, this means: The component does not have to undergo any additional testing or administrative procedures, such as TÜV. 



From a technical perspective, an ECE wheel corresponds to an OE wheel (OE = Original Equipment). Sizes such as the wheel dimension and zeroset are identical to the original wheel.

Besides our wide range of wheels, we now also offer plug-and-drive variants in the series dimensions for these three models, meaning no additional tests or entries in the vehicle papers are required.

This makes the RONAL R65 the ultimate winter wheel.

With its five structured double spokes extended to the outer horn, this wheel is seductively graceful and dynamic. Besides the previous silver and jetblack-matt surface finishes, it is now also available in “Cerium Grey”. This new, innovative paint finish combines form, functionality and design. 

By complying with our strict test specifications and standards, we offer maximum safety, no matter the terrain or season.



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