Cult design RONAL R9 makes a comeback

Just in time for the new year RONAL is expanding its product range: The company has reissued the RONAL R9 well base wheel, a hit back in the 1980s. 

29 January 2020

The RONAL R9 remake brings the tuning tradition for classic vehicles back to life. Many historical cars from German brands were fitted with the RONAL R9 in the mid 70s to late 80s in the typical Penta design or later retrofitted with them. The wheel was first produced in a 15 inch model in 1981, then also available in 16 inches.

RONAL will relaunch the Penta wheel in the 15 inch version in response to high demand for the classic wheel from early years. Shaping an entire generation of car fans, the retro design will be available in the vintage silver-rim lip diamond cut surface finish in size 7.0x15 inch with 5x112 and 5x120 mounting holes starting in January 2020.

The reissue of the R9 wheel has been tested and is approved for street use in several historic vehicle models. Suitable for the Mercedes W 123, VW Transporter T3, BMW 5/1 and 5/H, it lends every vintage car an unmistakable look.

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