the first wheel with SMART CORE

The RONAL R63 in graphite-matt-diamond cut is manufactured using the new SMART CORE process. In this process, salt cores are placed in the mold, recast in aluminum and then rinsed with water.

02 December 2017

The new wheel, which is initially available in 8.0x18 inches with 5-hole attachment, impresses with its extraordinary design. The complex inner shapes are made possible by the application of unique SMART CORE technology: The newly developed hi-tech process is based on salt cores and is particularly suitable for special component geometries and complex designs that cannot be created with any other casting process – or only by means of mechanical processing. Furthermore, it is possible to realize spoke breaks which allow to reduce the weight of the wheel.

The SMART CORE process makes it possible to produce salt cores with high mechanical strength while maintaining great freedom of design. For this purpose, two salt components are first mixed, melted and poured into the salt cores. In the next step, depending on the desired shape, they are placed in the mold like a placeholder and recast in aluminum. After solidification, the salt cores are washed out of the component with high pressure water. Wastewater is treated and recycled. Salt cores are completely water-soluble and therefore environmentally friendly.

The RONAL R63 is initially available in the surface graphite-matt-diamond cut.

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