RONAL “up close”!

Some of the RONAL GROUP staff chose an unusual way of identifying with the company at the Nürburgring. In keeping with the slogan “RONAL forever!”, they got themselves tattoos showing part of the brand logo.

01 November 2018

Previously at the RONAL GROUP, wearing the brand logo meant sporting a piece of clothing, but some of our highly motivated employees have gone a step further and had part of the RONAL brand logo tattooed on their ankles. The reason? They wanted to demonstrate to the world that RONAL is a great employer.

During a team-building exercise at a VLN weekend at the Nürburgring, Mathias, Madeleine, Marvin, Silke and Sarah, all members of the German Sales Team, decided to take the plunge at NÜRBURINK on the Nürburgring Boulevard. They soon came to an agreement on the motif: The RONAL spoiler.

We followed up a few weeks later and found that all five are still very happy and proud of their tattoos and have absolutely no regrets.


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