We are the first manufacturer ever to raise our entire aftermarket range to a sustainable level, labeling all of our products with their own sustainability label. 

This is made possible by the precise traceability of the CO2 footprint: From product development to material sourcing and from manufacturing to recycling. And all this with consistently high OEM quality.

We have set ourselves the task of becoming a completely CO2-neutral operation by 2050.

We already ensure that resources are conserved and emissions reduced in both the materials we procure and in our production operations.


Our wheels are marked as follows:

4 blatt 3 blatt 2 blatt 1 Blatt

We source 100% of our primary aluminum from aluminum suppliers who are members of the Aluminum Stewardship Initiative (ASI). Of these materials, the majority are now low-carbon aluminum produced with renewable energy; the minority are post-consumer secondary aluminum, also produced with renewable energy.

This leads to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions, because both the low-carbon primary aluminum and also the secondary material have CO2 footprints lower than the average figure for primary aluminum.

Moreover, aluminum waste such as chips arising from production of our wheels is 100% recycled. This unavoidable waste is reprocessed separately and fed back into the resourcing process. This represents a further contribution to resource conservation and CO2 reduction.


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