R57 in two new surface finishes

The RONAL R57 in triple-spoke design offers impressive high-quality workmanship paired with timeless elegance. Until now, the all-round wheel with five spokes has been available only in the versions Matt black-front diamond cut and Black-front diamond cut, as well as in the stylish bicolor variant Jetblack-red spoke. These are produced using the Multi Color Rim process (MCR). Available in 7.5x17, 7.5x18 and 7.5x19 inch sizes, the R57 fits all popular compact and mid-size vehicle types with 4-hole and 5-hole mountings.

Just in time for the fall season and especially for the Cupra Born as well as for VW ID.3, two new surface finishes are being launched: One variant in Silver and one in Matt-black, both in the standard 7.5x19 inch size with a 5x112 pitch circle. 

Sale of Speedline S.r.l.

Dear business partner

The RONAL GROUP signed a sale and purchase agreement to sell the subsidiary Speedline S.r.l. (Tabina, Italy) including the brands «Speedline» and «Speedline Corse». The closing of the transaction will become legally effective as of Oct. 1, 2023. The buyer is the German private equity fund Callista, based in Munich. By August 1st, the Italian trade unions involved and the Speedline employees have approved the sale agreement.

In order to successfully complete the sale, various obligations and tasks on the part of RONAL GROUP have to be implemented by September 30,. Seller and buyer have agreed not to disclose details of the transaction. Speedline S.r.l. will continue its operations in Tabina for the premium OEMs, the Speedline Corse aftermarket as well as the racing segment. 

Effective October 1, 2023 your contact point for all issues relating to «Speedline» and «Speedline Corse» should be as follows.
Via Salgari, 6
30036 Tabina di S. Maria di Sala

Contact: Andrea Fini
T: +390 415 729 972

After October 1, 2023 the RONAL GROUP will have no further responsibility for the past and future business of the brands SPEEDLINE CORSE and SPEEDLINE, including orders for wheels and accessories, requests for stock quantities, purchasing prices, homologation certificates, technical information etc.

Carbon-neutral wheel R70-blue in a new look

The innovative, sustainable wheel RONAL R70-BLUE is set to launch in a new surface finish: Jetblack-white tail.   



This variant is also made of mostly recycled aluminum and is produced in Germany using 100% green electricity. CO₂ emissions that cannot be avoided despite optimization are offset with a “Gold Standard” carbon offset project.

The new glossy black surface finish Jetblack-white tail features five dynamic white tails on the wheel flange printed using Pad Printing technology. In this indirect printing process, an elastic stamp can be used to apply different geometries, shapes or logos on differently shaped and uneven wheel surfaces – including in four-color process printing. All printed wheels are resistant to chemical and mechanical loads.

The carbon-neutral R70-blue in 7.5 x 18 and 8.5 x 18 inches in the surface finish Jetblack-white tail with 5-hole attachment is now available to fit the BMW Series 3, Tesla Model 3, Mercedes A- and C-Class, VW ID.3, Seat Cupra Born, Hyundai IONIQ or Kia e-Niro. Combined with low-resistance tires, the rolling resistance can also be minimized, thus reducing fuel consumption.

The wheel also remains available in the two surface finishes Orbit grey and Platinum silver in 7.5, 8.5 and 9.0 x 18 inches.

R70-blue now also for Tesla Model 3 and BMW 3 Series Hybrid


The carbon neutral wheel is now available in 9.0x18 inch versions in both Orbit grey and Platinum silver surface finishes with a 5-hole connection for the Tesla Model 3, BMW 3 Series Hybrid and BMW Z4, Mercedes E-Class Hybrid and S-Class, as well as the Toyota Supra. Combined with low-resistance tires, the rolling resistance can also be minimized, thus reducing fuel consumption.

RONAL R70-blue is an innovative, holistically sustainable product: The wheel is manufactured in Germany using 100% green electricity and consists of mostly recycled aluminum. Emissions that cannot be avoided in the production process are completely compensated for with the help of Gold Standard certified projects. 

RONAL R69 new in 17"

Featuring an innovative, yet very classic design, this purist wheel is the ultimate hybrid of simple elegance and precision. With their signature character, the five spokes lay the foundation for excellent dynamics and refined effects on the road. This reliable wheel is suitable for all seasons. 

What’s special about the R69? It’s available in four surface finishes right from the start. Drivers can choose between classic Jetblack matt, elegant Platinum silver, the colorful MCR version Jetblack-red rim for individualists, or the new, innovative Magnetic grey surface finish.

The new RONAL wheel fits a wide range of different vehicle types and brands, including the VW Polo GTI, BMW 1 Series, Mercedes Vito/EQV, Opel Zafira Life, Kia Sportage, Hyundai i30 N, Ford Puma, and Toyota Corolla. It will also be launched in various registration-free series sizes.

The RONAL R69 will initially be available in 7.5x17 and 8.0x18 inches in select mounting holes with 5-hole attachment starting at the end of April 2021. The range will be expanded gradually, meaning the R69 will also be available in further sizes in the future.

R69 Kombi