RONAL R41 Golf 4

The new millennium sounded the starting gun for the Golf IV. 1997 saw the launch of the fourth generation of the Golf, the first one with a twelve-year guarantee against rusting through. The car appeared confident and classic.

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The Golf III entered the market in 1991 with a well-rounded body. Sure, it looked different, but it was immediately recognizable as a Golf. With its VR6 engine, this car revolutionized the compact class at the time. Typical for this generation: the almond-shaped headlights.

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Golf 2

This version, overhauled in 1983, replaced its popular predecessor. Technical innovations mainly included automated assembly and the introduction of a regulated catalytic converter.

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Golf 1

The VW Golf: the beginning of a long success story and still an absolute icon among tuners and fans. The Golf I, the first version, made the step from Beetle to the Golf. In the U.S., it was initially listed under the official classification "Rabbit" because of its agility.

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