We came up with a special thank you for our fans in conjunction with the Essen Motor Show. At the big pre-competition, participants were offered the chance to win a fantastic set of rims from RONAL or SPEEDLINE CORSE.

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The RONAL R63 in graphite-matt-diamond cut is manufactured using the new SMART CORE process. In this process, salt cores are placed in the mold, recast in aluminum and then rinsed with water.

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The RONAL R60-blue design is the first rim designed according to sustainable principles throughout the entire production and life cycle, with which we uphold our environmental and social responsibility as a company. In Germany it is produced using 100 percent green electricity and under ideal working conditions.

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MainLichtblick e.V. is a company headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, and its mission is to make dreams come true for critically ill, handicapped and traumatized children and adolescents in the region, whether these dreams be large or small. Wonderful experiences are intended to help them manage crises in their difficult everyday lives and give them new cause for joy.

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