RONAL continues cooperation with Team EiFelkind

Wheels don’t experience any tougher conditions than in motor sports. This is one of the reasons why we will once again be taking part in the RCN, Germany’s oldest racing series for touring car racing, this year with RONAL Racing as promotional partner and sponsor of the EiFelkind Racing team.

20 July 2020

This year, we will once again continue our cooperation with Uwe Wendland’s friendly family team “EiFelkind Racing,” which we began last season. Why? The RONAL GROUP has always supported the interests of young people, firstly by offering sound professional training. The “EiFelkind Racing” team’s primary aim is to encourage a new generation of young and talented drivers and support them on their journey in professional motor sports. A perfect match!

Just before this year’s season kick-off at Nürburgring, we interviewed Uwe Wendland, father and the head of the “EiFelkind Racing” team:

The season has finally begun at Nürburgring – albeit a bit later than usual and with no spectators. How did your first race go?

Well, after a long, drawn-out break due to corona, we were FINALLY able to hit the Nordschleife in July. Our motivation, the excitement to finally be able to get back out there, and all the “pawing” were just what we needed for the first race, which pretty much couldn’t have gone any better for us. Even though we really missed our spectators and fans on site. But still, finally the “Green Hell”.

We lined up with two vehicles: Our completely rebuilt Astra GSI 2.0/16V with drivers Noel Dohr and Kevin Wambach claimed 2nd place in its class, just 6 seconds behind the winner (and without any test runs beforehand!), and the second team took an excellent 4th place in its class.

How did you keep the team’s passion and trust high despite all the uncertainties this year due to the coronavirus pandemic?

We mainly took this time to improve our vehicles and made sure to keep in touch with our drivers and mechanics. As with mostly everyone, just on the phone or a video chat, but it worked quite well. We also began to support drivers with sim racing setups.

But I admit it was virtually impossible for us to find new financial support for our youth project during this time. Understandably – everyone had their own challenges to face during this time. We are all the more thankful that the majority of our sponsors from last year have decided to stay on board. Despite uncertainty as to how things will pan out with this pandemic, the RONAL GROUP has also opted to continue supporting the EiFelkind team. This helps us feel like we are on the right path.                                              

How did preparations go? Where have you made changes, and where have you stuck to proven concepts?

In recent years, we have received several requests for a rear-wheel drive vehicle in addition to the red Opel Astra GSI 2.0/16V. We fulfilled this wish and last year built a cool BMW 318is with the team. Our new family member was a good 27 years old with 70,700 kilometers of service under its belt when it came to us. It runs like a dream and is a serious blast to drive.  

Of course, the RONAL GSI 2.0/16V Astras from 2019 are still in use, in some cases with young drivers. We still have some driver slots to fill for a few races.

You use our RONAL R10 Turbo wheels on your cars. What role do wheels play in a race? Which properties are important and what makes you trust RONAL wheels?

Besides the fact that these wheels are the perfect match for our vehicles, we also take advantage of their technical benefits: They lower the braking temperature under high stress and are extraordinarily sturdy – plus they offer excellent value for money. Iconic cars call for iconic wheels!

What are your goals for the 2020 racing season?

Our main goal is to capture the RCN championship title. At the first race, we showed that we are capable. Besides fostering young talents, of course. The “EiFelkind Racing” team’s primary aim is to encourage a new generation of young and talented drivers and support them on their journey in professional motor sports. How? By making well prepared vehicles available to young drivers at a fair price and supporting young talent not only with financing but also with a wealth of experience. And, of course (and this is the most important part): Having a ton of fun!

You have more driver slots to fill for the 2020 season – what are the requirements?

One requirement is a national class A license, which we are happy to help drivers get. Of course, team spirit, having gas running through your veins and wanting to be part of the EiFelkind team also play an important role!

Uwe, do you have any other exciting information you’d like to share with us?

From this season, we have a new tent for our drivers, mechanics and guests. It’s a place for everyone to feel at ease. On top of that, this year we will be providing Jan Reiff and his Honda Civic with technical support. We aim to never stop growing and for that reason we are starting to look at other racing series.

We’re rooting for the “EiFelkind Racing” team for the current season!

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