With a motorhome you are always at home no matter where you go, always close by, always in the thick of things. This is the motto of camper and caravan owners. As individualists, they go their own ways. And all of them place the highest demands on their vehicles in terms of quality, riding comfort and maximum safety – and on their wheels. 

01 February 2022


But compared to car wheels, it’s about more than just an attractive look – but above all the technical details. This is because products for motorhomes and commercial vehicles must have a much higher load-bearing capacity.

Wheels from RONAL in OEM quality meet these requirements in full. They’re not only the perfect styling element for motorhome owners, but are also used by body manufacturers and vehicle builders to realize special conversions at the weight limit. Products from RONAL are produced under the highest quality standards and impress with their high load-bearing capacity. 



Despite their robustness, alloy wheels from RONAL are true lightweights. The weight savings from switching from steel to aluminum wheels can help reduce wear on the wheel suspension and shock absorbers due to the lower unsprung masses. The light metal also dissipates braking heat several times faster than steel. And they offer a subjectively more pleasant ride in a larger inch size.

Take the opportunity and give your Fiat Ducato, your Citroën Jumper or your VW T-Model an eye-catching highlight! 

For example, the RONAL R64 in 6.5x16" and 7.0x17 was designed for a load capacity of up to 1,400 kg.

R64 trio




This powerhouse not only exudes ruggedness, it’s also the perfect upgrade for motorhomes, caravans, vans and pickups with cabins and cabin trailers. It offers maximum power to the ground and moves a high load capacity, coupled with an elegant design. This makes them perfect for mounting on campers such as the Fiat Ducato, VW T6/T7, Ford Transit and Mercedes Vito, as well as the Citroën Jumper, Renault Traffic or Opel Vivaro.

The RONAL GROUP is one of the largest producers of aluminum wheels for campers and caravans, which have been in use among body manufacturers and vehicle builders for many years. In this submarket, the company is also active in the aftermarket. Numerous products of the SPEEDLINE TRUCK brand round off the range for motorhomes based on trucks.

Unsure which new travel wheel is the right choice for you?
Your best option is to contact us or your manufacturer/dealer.





Which wheels and tires may be used for your motorhome can be found in the EC Certificate of Conformity COC paper under items 35 and 52/to 35.

Fitting wheel/tire combinations that are not included in the vehicle documents or in the EC Certificate of Conformity (COC paper) may invalidate the vehicle’s type approval. In order to restore the type approval, the vehicle must be presented to an officially recognized expert or inspector for motor vehicle traffic for an assessment in accordance with §19 / §21 StVZO. Subsequently, the issuance of a new type approval must be applied for at the responsible licensing authority (registration office).

Motorhomes and caravans are vehicles in their own right, and due to the wide range of variations and models, not all of them are included in our assessments.

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