Global innovation: RONAL GROUP presents first carbon neutral wheel

The RONAL GROUP is the first company in the world to launch a product that is currently the only one of its kind: the new RONAL R70-blue.

07 December 2020

The passenger car wheel will be launched as a carbon neutral solution, making it yet another milestone in the company’s PLANBLUE sustainability concept, the RONAL GROUP’s mission to meet its environmental and social responsibilities.

RONAL R70-blue is an innovative, holistically sustainable product. The wheel is manufactured in Germany using 100% green electricity and consists of mostly reused aluminum, which is 100% recyclable. The RONAL GROUP has been a member of the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) since 2018, which guarantees compliance with strict sustainability criteria, ensuring high-quality aluminum. 



For emissions that cannot be avoided in the production of RONAL R70-blue, the RONAL GROUP compensates for all its CO2 emissions with the help of a Gold Standard certified project. The Gold Standard is an internationally recognized, independent certification standard that highlights high-quality carbon offset projects that contribute to sustainable development in the respective region. 

In addition, the R70-blue also covers other environmentally friendly and social aspects. These include ecological packaging containing grass fiber and recycled paper, and short transport routes from the German production facility in Landau to the logistic center in Forst. The accessories are packaged by regional workshops for people with physical and intellectual disabilities. 

As early as 2016, the RONAL GROUP set an important course with its PLANBLUE sustainability concept, with ambitious goals in the fields of action “Our Business”, “Our World”, and “Our People”. These relate to the topics “Sustainable and innovative products”, “Energy and environment”, and “Employee development, occupational health and safety” and are continuously tracked and evaluated.   

In addition to the focus on sustainability, the RONAL R70-blue – like all RONAL  products – places great emphasis on quality and appearance. The new wheel features a sporty design with ten striking, slightly offset spokes. In the horn area, the turbine-like contour makes for an optical rotation effect, lending the wheel an even greater dynamic. The undercut process has also optimized its weight.



After the RONAL R60-blue wheel, the R70-blue is the second sustainable product in the RONAL GROUP portfolio. Available in 7.5x18 inches in Orbit grey and Platinum silver surface finishes, it is designed for a wide range of vehicles with 5-hole mountings and fits a wide range of compact and mid-range models, making it particularly suitable for the new generation of electric and hybrid cars. 

For the VW ID.3, the Mercedes A-Class, and the CLA, it is available as an ECE plug-and-drive variant, registration-free across Europe. Combined with lfuel-efficient tire, the rolling resistance can also be minimized, thus reducing fuel consumption.




RONAL R70-blue will be available on the market from the end of January 2021.

All RONAL wheels are produced under strict testing specifications and in OEM quality.


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