Our PLANBLUE “sustainability ambassadors”

PLANBLUE is our path towards being a sustainable company. But we aren’t just focusing on reducing CO2 and waste, using energy from renewable sources, and developing sustainable products.

09 August 2021

For us, it’s also crucial for our employees to understand the importance of this issue and to act as “sustainability ambassadors”. 

Several RONAL employees are already driving electric cars or have switched to the carbon-neutral R70-blue wheel from RONAL. After all, the company has offered its employees the opportunity to charge their electric vehicles during working hours for quite some time.

Our “sustainability ambassadors” have opted for the carbon-neutral RONAL R70-blue with good reason: After all, it meets the same exact requirements as standard wheels, meaning it has exactly the same high level of quality. Manufactured in Germany with 100% green electricity, the wheel is predominantly made of reused aluminum, which is 100% recyclable. And all this in the best OEM quality, which is identical in quality to the specifications and requirements of the respective vehicle manufacturer under strict test standards. 


And, of course, the R70-blue from renowned wheel manufacturer RONAL is available for numerous vehicles in a sporty and stylish design. It’s totally modern AND sustainable. For the VW ID.3, the Mercedes A-Class, and the Mercedes CLA, the wheel is available as an ECE plug-and-drive variant, registration-free throughout Europe. Combined with low-resistance tires, the rolling resistance can also be minimized, thus reducing fuel consumption.

All employees are ready to do their part for PLANBLUE. For the world, for ourselves, our children, and our customers.


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